Timmy Targets By Blue Collar Lacrosse, Inc.

Due to the brutal punishment goalies suffer during games, protecting an area in which the opponent is riffling a hard rubber ball at; said BEAST OF ALL SPORTS must be given time to heal, resulting in players shooting into an empty cage during practice.

When the Cage is empty players develop 2 tendencies while shooting. Younger players tend to throw the ball as hard as they can giving zero attention to honing in their aim. Players that are more advanced tend to shoot at the pipes, developing bad habits and muscle memory; resulting in pipes not goals during the game.

Timmy Target is a quick and durable solution that offers players a target to shoot at.

What makes the Timmy Targets so much fun to shoot at? It rewards the shooter by catching the ball (most of the time) when hit in the indicated target area. The ball retaining bag will hold between 4-6 balls comfortably once broken in, but even when full the player will still have the benefit practicing his aim on a target that resets itself instantaneously.

These targets have been shot at by players just learning the game up to Professional Field and Box Lacrosse teams; with benefits for all!

You can’t help but feel a pump of adrenalin every time you hit it! Encouraging you to shoot again…again…and again. Players often refusing to leave the field after practice till the lights get turned off.

Check out this video of the Hamilton
 Nationals shooting on the targets
before, during and after practice:

Timmy Targets are not tested on animals, “that’s just cruel”.

NOTE: People who have never picked up a Lacrosse Stick previously also enjoy shooting at them and benefit greatly from the experience. The greatest benefit being that of holding a Lacrosse Stick; and the instant bond formed physically, mentally and spiritually with the wand; ESPECIALLY AN ALL WOOD STICK.

Do The Math: With Timmy Target, you shoot at an area slightly smaller than 1 square foot, as opposed to shooting on an empty Cage that has a 36 square foot area (Field); making the player that shot at the Timmy Target 36 X more accurate. 

Timmy Targets will improve your shooting and passing while helping to prolong the netting inside the Cage itself; great for team practice and back yard use.
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