BCLaX Stringers Network; The Game Just Changed

Want to learn how to string a Lacrosse head from the 2 stringers that have strung more heads used in professional Field and BoX Lacrosse than anybody else on Sweet Mother Earth?

... this is your chance!

First camp goes from 10am to 4pm August 22 at the state of the art Toronto Rock Athletic Center. For information on how to register e-mail us at info@bclax.com and put ‘BCLaX Stringing Classes’ in the subject line. To be informed of future camp dates, follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook; we will be posting more soon!

Whether you want to become a Stringer or improve your game by learning the fine art of stringing sticks... this camp will teach you the secrets to what have made Marc and Joel Leveille a staple in professional dressing rooms since 2008. They have strung countless sticks under the stands, on the bus, at the hotel, in the team dressing room, on the team bench and even on the field during a stoppage in play! There's nobody who's resume touches the volume of work Blue Collar Lacrosse has done with the pros, NOT EVEN CLOSE.

These classes will cut through the complicated and confusing garbage being posted on social media videos and give you the strait goods. Stringing sticks is easy and fun. The keys to a well strung head are that it throws and is easy to maintain.

It's unfortunate, most people that watch these videos
with terrible advice are new to the game and don't realize the stick being strung doesn't even throw… ever wonder why you never see somebody throwing with it?

What most players today don’t realize is that 99% of the games best players have pockets that are simple, effective and unique to their style of play. Nobody has seen or strung more of these pockets the Leveilles who hope to truly grow the game by sharing this information with you.

Graduates of the camp will receive a diploma that certifies they are a Blue Collar Lacrosse approved Stringer. Your name will be added to the drop down BCLaX Approved Stick Stringer map that appears when you toggle over the 'Stick Stringing' tab at the top of this page. With your name you can put the city you live in and contact info for people interested in getting you to string their sticks.

As a Blue Collar Lacrosse approved stringer you will be given a ranking from 0 to 10 diamonds (this will be posted with your name on our Stringers Network Map).

Here is how the BCLaX 10 Diamond rating works:

The diamonds represent different disciplines need to string a Lacrosse head. They are divided into 2 different categories; Technical and Practical.

In Technical the first 4 diamonds are for the following: ability to line up mesh with the stick correctly, ability to string a Top String, ability to string a SideWall string and the ability to string Shooters.

In the Practical category are 4 diamonds for: ability to string Player heads with 15/20mm, ability to string Goalie heads, performance/easy maintenance of the pocket and ability to string a variety of styles.

The 9th and 10th Diamonds are awarded to stringers that master all 4 diamonds in the same category. Upon mastering all 4 diamonds they come together to form 1 large diamond (1 for each category) for a total of 10.

Stringing support after the camp

Graduates will also be granted access to BCLaX PRIVATE Stringers Network facebook and instagram account where they can contact us directly for advice. THERE WILL BE NO TROLLS criticizing your work... just solid advice from Marc, Joel or someone appointed by Blue Collar Lacrosse to do so. 


Send an e-mail to info@bclax.com that includes where you live, how many heads you are sending and what style MM you want them strung with. We will send you back an e-mail that tells you how to send us the head(s) and the cost.

Blue Collar Lacrosse Inc.

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