Blue Collar Lacrosse, Inc. Presents: Marc Mesh

Marc Mesh was created by Marc Leveille over a dozen years ago. A renowned Stick Stringer from Southern Ontario; Marc’s pursuit for the perfect pocket never ends.

When Blue Collar Lacrosse became incorporated in 2008 and
Marc Mesh entered the greater Lacrosse community; it was met with much skepticism as Lacrosse at that time was and is still today flooded with products of zero value (gimmicks).

If you go back and read some of the threads posted to the Lacrosse Forums, in the beginning there were many nonbelievers; or as we referred to them, people that were yet to try Marc Mesh. Due to the unprecedented success of Marc Mesh today there are over 100 imitation wax mesh

While imitation products may look the same to start; the difference becomes obvious as soon as you stretch it open to string your head. Marc's MeshButter impregnates the very center of the mesh and stays there.

Marc Mesh’s secret is that MeshButter breaks in instantaneously and always stays true in weather games. Performance so good its called PROformance.

It's one of a kind Pocket Memory offers consistent accuracy and unmatched feel.

(Marc Mesh is a favorite of Pro Draw Men for its ability to fall back into place and pick up the GB after pulling it out and dropping it 7 yards behind your opponent for a Fast Break.)

Marc Mesh is 100% made in America; using ONLY the highest Quality Nylon.

Whats the difference between 15mm & 20mm?
While both are a 10/9 diamonds across like regular Lacrosse mesh; the difference is the size of the diamonds. 15mm is the regular diamond size you are accustomed to; 20mm diamonds are larger. Of the vast number of PROS that use Marc Mesh, half use 20mm.

20mm Marc Mesh is known to have slightly more hold and give additional cushioning when catching.  However the 20mm does require some getting used to for first time stringers. 

Goalie Marc Mesh
Why do we refer to “the Pro’s” so often; it’s simple, they are the most experienced and demanding! Over 70% of all Field and BoX Pro goalies use Marc Mesh for 2 major reasons:
  1. It allows the least rebound- 90% of all Pro BoX goalies in 2013 used a Marc Mesh. (Keep in mind BoX goalies keep their stick and body stiff as a steel plate when getting fired at from a ridiculously, almost crazy, close range; hence they are very cognizant of meshes that give out rebounds).
  2. It forms the best pocket to throw with- Just ask the many Pro Field and BoX goalies that have recorded goals in actual games; including the current Pro BoX goalie that holds the record for most assists in a single season, Aaron Bold... and previous record holder for that matter Paddy Campbell.

What does the current player with obvious claim to the title World’s Greatest Player have to say about our mesh?

"I began using Marc Mesh my senior year in college after meeting Marc Leveille and the Blue Collar LaX team. Ever since, I haven't gone back to anything else. The quick break-in time, pocket memory and adaptation to any form of weather I'm playing in, brings the consistency to lacrosse pockets that I was always looking for. When my teammates, university and country are looking for the best results out of each shot I take, I trust Marc Mesh to deliver the consistency of the release that I work on in practice. When you need it most, you need a pocket that works. Marc Mesh is the Blue Collar Pocket I trust."

Paul Rabil; MVP 2010 World Games, Fastest Shot World Record (111mph)

What is the deal with multi-color bra?
Straight from Blue Collar’s mouth “your best value is a white Marc Mesh.” There is no difference in performance from the white Marc Mesh all the way up to our custom color mesh. When we first started to offer custom pieces we titled the section of the website they were sold in as “More Money than Brains”. While our amazing designs are called ‘beautiful works of art’ worthy of being displayed on any prestigious museum wall … NOTHING is more beautiful than a last minute buzzer beating GB, assist or goal; when your team is counting on you; and you are counting on your baby. Performance is all that matters and that makes WHITE MM your smartest choice. Of course if having a full color photo of yourself on the teams’ front cover of the game day program is something you enjoy, obviously a sick team color Marc Mesh helps. Like diamond size, color is a personal preference, the performance of a Marc Mesh NEVER CHANGES!
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