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(Patent 9050504)

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What is Blue Collar Lacrosse
We are the games most trusted source for top quality netting. Marc's MeshButter revolutionized the Pocket of the Lacrosse stick. And unlike our imitators whom have come out with their 3rd and 4th attempt at trying to come close to the #PROformance of Marc Mesh; Marc Leveille's formula has stood the test of time and is the exact same materials and process as the day Blue Collar Lacrosse first began to sell Marc Mesh!!! 

If Blue Collar LaX makes, sells or approves it; you can trust it to be the best. Tried, tested and perfected before we put our name on it and offer it to you.

It has to be said that Marc Mesh success was proven on the fields of professional and top collegiate Lacrosse programs. In only 2 years it was already in the sticks of 3 players to win scoring tiles in BOTH PRO Field and Box. As for goalies; ask the goalie with the current professional Indoor assist record... or the 2 goalies that played in the Men's World Cup 2014 final in Denver... Marc Mesh is the undisputed 1st and only Professional Lacrosse mesh used by the game greatest!

Marc Mesh proved itself on the field of battle in the sticks of real people. There are professional Lacrosse games where OVER 90% of all the points on the game sheet are by players using 2 color MM; the only 2 color mesh at that time with the evidence captured on video.

Today it seems every week another Lacrosse Mesh is popping up on social media but none of them match Marc Mesh quality. They are all backed by anonymous social media sources. One goes so far as to put up videos, of players using Marc Mesh, but in the title of the video leads the viewer to believe it is their mesh the player is using. Sad when you look at the youthful demographic of the Lacrosse community that these imitators are trying to fool... even sadder when the player in the video asks them to take it down and they didn't.

While social media is a great tool to communicate, it seems every week we find out more how there is another crack down on fake accounts, followers and views by the billions, (a tactic we know all to well by some of the people making imitation Wax Lacrosse mesh) to build a false image of there brand. 

To combat this BCLaX, the Makers of the games most loved and trusted mesh, are now about to build a network of stringers that are approved by a source you can trust.

We are also going to build a library of videos made by stringers in this network that we highly recommend. A collection of the best videos at showing how to string your stick; not marathon shots of stick heads using a slow zoom and free internet music (with inflated view counts purchased by the videos maker).

What we are calling the "Stringers Net" will be a network of stringers whom are rated and approved by real people (people with more Professional Lacrosse experience than any other company in Lacrosse; BCLaX) and the actual people they string sticks for, real customer reviews. The Stringers will have a Blue Collar Rating and a Customer Satisfaction number from 0-100% satisfaction.

Building this network of trusted stringers and 'string it yourself videos' is going to be and ongoing project starting in January 2015. If you would like to be a part of it please drop us an e-mail via our contact us page and we will get you started. (Any stringers under 18 must have their parent contact us first.)

If your just looking to find a trusted source to get your stick strung... be sure to click on the Stick Stringing section (keep in mind were just starting to grow it) as stringers will become available in your area. If you know a stringer you would like to recommend, we would like to know. 

Now Here's Our Story
Marc Mesh is the 1st mesh ever made solely for playing the game of Lacrosse with it's signature PROformance in any and all weather.

ONLY Marc Leveille's MESHBUTTER breaks in instantly to become a soft mesh (the best mesh for catching and holding) with the POCKET MEMORY like hard mesh (the best for accuracy when throwing).

Since its arrival to the Lacrosse world in 2008 Marc Mesh has been in the sticks of more PRO players to win a scoring, assist or point titles THAN ALL OTHER WAX MESHES COMBINED

We receive team orders from the highest ranking Collegiate DI, II and III Men's Field Lacrosse programs like UVA and RIT.

Since 2008 there have been 2 World Games for Men's Field Lacrosse; in both tournaments the MVP of the games counted on Marc Mesh to help PROform their best.

We have worked with over 22 PRO Field and BoX teams (and counting) in places like Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Denver, Hamilton, Long Island, New Jersey, Rochester and Toronto. TRUE BLUE FACT: NOBODY STRINGS MORE STICKS FOR PROS USED IN GAMES OVER THE LAST 6 YEARS THAN MARC & JOEL LEVEILLE; (check out our YouTube videos). 

Committed to making ONLY the highest quality Lacrosse products available. Marc Mesh, BCLaX SideWall & Shooters, BCLaX strung heads and the NEW TIMMY TARGET; each set the bar for their respective category in quality and PROformance bar none.


Lacrosse is our way of life... Marc Mesh is born and made from the same passion and pride you play with. We use only the best materials to make a Lacrosse Mesh that works as hard as you do in any weather! 

You can learn more about us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @bluecollarlax; or our You Tube channel (all the links are at the top of this page).

We thank you for visiting our website and share these words passed on to us by the First Nations; “Lacrosse is a physical contest, spiritual journey and cultural bond”.

That is all.
Blue Collar Lacrosse
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